RV rental Insurance - Indie Campers marketplace

RV self-drive rental insurance with Indie Campers platform Camper Travel Insurance

Our insurance covers the use of the motorhome for incidents during the peer-to-peer rental, find more detail of what is covered in the links below:

- Insurance for vehicles in the United Kingdom with Riverside

Insurance for vehicles in Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Germany with Omocom

- Insurance for vehicles in Switzerland with Vaudoise

On the Indie Campers marketplace, Hosts can also choose to take out their own insurance. This option is generally common with professional rental fleet owners. The information regarding the insurance of the vehicle will be indicated in the listing itself.

RV rental insurance with our on-demand Platform Insurance

The idea of earning extra income with your campervan is exciting, however, in order to do so, you should have the right campervan rental insurance so that your vehicle is specifically covered for self-drive rental. With the right insurance, your recreational vehicle will be protected while on the road.

When you rent your vehicle out on Indie Campers marketplace, the platform's exclusive insurance will cover your campervan during your rentals, unless you have your own private rental insurance. 

Indie Campers' platform RV rental insurance easily allows both travellers and hosts to be insured during all rentals, without the hosts having to be bothered with numerous administrative steps. The on-demand insurance replaces the need for expensive annual rental insurance and reduces the need for lots of extra paperwork and effort to safely rent out your vehicle.

In case the Host does not arrange for his own insurance that covers renting out, our camper travel insurance covers damages not covered by his primary insurance. Some examples of the conditions that are included in the camper travel insurance:

- Third-party liability cover

- Coverage of damage caused to the car itself

- Cover in case of theft

- Roadside assistance during the trip

Insurance conditions and coverage amounts can differ according to the country of registration of the vehicle. For more information, please confirm the different local insurance products below.

How does motorhome hire work on Indie Campers Marketplace?

How does motorhome insurance work for the traveller?

We take safety very seriously at Indie Campers, as our aim is to provide unique and memorable experiences. As such, every rental you book via our website the use of the camper is insured and you do not need to worry about adding it to your booking.

The road rental insurance can either be provided by the Host or by our trusted partners, who provide us tailored solutions to cover you and the vehicle during your trip.

The details of each insurance policy may change depending on the vehicle chosen and the country of registration of the vehicle.

How does insurance for renting out a motorhome work for hosts?

If the Host does not have any suitable insurance that covers the rental of their vehicle, Indie Campers automatically includes their platform's insurance in each listing. This insurance is mandatory for rental and includes coverage for claims as a result of third party liability, damage caused to the vehicle itself, theft and road assistance. This insurance will be provided through partnerships with trusted insurance companies in order to protect your interests when renting out your camper. The price of the insurance will be deducted from the total price per night.

If a Host has personal insurance, with the above-mentioned coverage, the host is still able to opt-in for platform insurance to enhance protection during the rental.